20 & GoldDigger Not “GoalDiggin” (The 20’s Chronicles)

November 8, 2014

20 & The Negative S**T (The 20’s Chronicles)

November 8, 2014

20 & Interracial Dating (The 20’s Chronicles)

November 8, 2014
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20 & Interracial Dating

     Now writing this blog post I was a little nervous about it because I know people are about to bee like ugg another bitter black woman. No, this blog is all about the positive of interracial dating. Now our generation is based on black men now dating not black women. Everywhere I go I see a black man with not a black woman, it doesn’t bother me, but I was curious to know why?

I’m from Detroit and it is predominantly black couples. Then when I moved to LA, I definitely didn’t see that anymore, like I said it didn’t bother me, I was just curious. Now, what I have learned is that when black men do get a little bit more successful they do tend to date, not a black woman anymore. When I ask my black male friends why is that, they always respond back “black women are too much to handle”. I was wondering why they thought that? Then when I started working at Fox Hills Mall I was like oh I see now. (Giggles, I’m just playing)

My story: now, I’ve lived in LA for three years now and I remember the first time I dated outside of my race, I was like oh wow he’s such a gentlemen. Then I was like this is not bad at all, I don’t feel any different, it’s just culturally certain topics we couldn’t relate too and that was fine with me. I was definitely feeling the interracial relationships and I was starting not to attract black men anymore, majority different cultures. I hit the point where I was like I’m not dating anymore-black men, but then I was like that is stupidity. Stupidity is what people are if they think that interracial dating is bad. Stupidity is also what people are if they just simply want to have “mixed” babies. Honestly, all women and men are the same it’s just culturally some things will never bee relatable to one another and that’s what makes interracial dating cool.

Now the conclusion of this blog is that don’t just date outside of your race because you think all black women are bitter, don’t think that all black women don’t have good hair, also don’t think that all black women aren’t friendly. It’ stupidity! And black women don’t bee so limited, don’t bee bitter to white women or Hispanics, don’t roll your eyes every time you see a black man, not with a black woman, don’t talk about The Kardashians either (giggles, I like them). Just honestly don’t have so much stupidity on this topic and really open up to different cultures and different things. I love all men, not just black men, not just Middle Eastern men etc. I love all men they are all the same in my eyes.

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