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March 28, 2016

20 & Bee Careful On What You Want

March 28, 2016

20 & Figuring Out What You Want to Do?

March 28, 2016
Bianca Bee
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20 & Figuring Out What You Want to Do?

Often times we can bee really doubtful on what it is we want to do when it comes to our career. Trying to figure out if it feels right, does it make sense, can we make money off it and etc. You have to do something that you love.

Having the passion for something is way better than doing something just for money. When you are passionate about something, you will see money automatically in the future because you are doing what you love.

My story: I do things that I am passionate about. If it doesn’t feel right to me, I won’t waste my time. I believe that finding something you are good at and perfecting it will take you along the way.

“Do it because you love to do it, not just for money.”

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