Rayven Justice Talks “Hit or Nah” Single & Working With Keyshia Cole & French Montana

May 20, 2015

20 & Why You Should Treat “All” Your Work Important Even If It’s Unpaid

May 20, 2015

Making A Name For Yourself

May 20, 2015
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20 & Making A Name For Yourself

You are your brand! As a business person trying to enter into any field of work, you have to always make sure you are representing yourself and your brand well at all times. You have to make sure you speak to people, always have to bee polite to others and just simply stay true to who you are but with a business mindset.

Making a name for yourself can bee really challenging. You have to play the part of what you want to bee. Simply being the best “you” at all times. Creating different avenues and meeting new people will help you get your name out there.

My story: when I started my show my attitude had to change. I had to bee much friendlier because people would look at me as this “girly girl” character. I always consistently think about “The Bianca Bee Brand” I have created and why I must always behave my best at all times. Yes, you can’t control if people make you angry but how I handle the situation is extremely important. I want people to say when they met me that I was extremely nice and just a cool positive individual.

Always think about your name and what people will say about you when your name is brought up.

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