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April 28, 2016

The Aces Tour LA Edition: Carina Glover, Erica Mena & Eboni Johnson

April 28, 2016

20 & Monitor Your Negative Thoughts

April 28, 2016
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20 & Monitor Your Negative Thoughts

Are you that person who is never satisfied with anything? Always questioning your luck and why you don’t have this or that. Often times we are negative and don’t even realize it. Your thoughts and what you speak daily about yourself is a reflection of what is happening to you right now.

We react to things and situations without thinking first. Some people even complain daily and don’t even know it. Watch how you talk and the things you say because you will continuously attract negativity in your life.

My story: I remember with my last job I would go into work complaining every day about why I hated it and why I didn’t like the people. In December, I told myself I would give up complaining and ever since then my life has changed. By doing that everyday work was better and I even got a better job.

Just bee cautious on how you think and what you speak out. For the rest of the week, speak highly of yourself and the people and things around you. You will see the difference.

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