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March 26, 2015

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March 26, 2015

20 & My Weight Loss & Why I Love My Boobs?!

March 26, 2015
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20 & Weight Loss & Why I Love My Boobs?!

 Weight loss x Boobs! Great topic right?

From 189 pounds to now 153! J

I hate the word “diet.” Personally when I use to say the saying “I’m on a diet,” I would gain more weight. Weight issues suffer through all girls. My weight gain happened in high school. I had curves, but didn’t know how to work or maintain those curves. Although I danced everyday, I still was not loosing.


I didn’t start loosing weight until summer before starting college in fall. I wanted to look right for California. I probably dropped 15 pounds then gained it all back the second half of my freshmen year of college.

My weight went up and down before I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian in January 2013. The reason behind this decision was because I was close to having diabetes. I knew it was true because I know it runs in my family. By knowing that I was like, “no way!” So I decided a change must happen. When I became a vegetarian I dropped weight instantly. I loved meat and now to not eat anymore, it took a lot of discipline. I don’t even eat fish either.

I know you are wondering why I always show off my boobs? Well, because I was extremely insecure about them when they just grew overnight when I turned 13. However, when I lost weight they went down but are still huge and I love them.

The reason for this blog is to encourage you to don’t bee so hard on yourself. Weight goes up and down for curvy women and that’s okay! Just maintain working out and cut things in moderation. I know my body so well, that I know when I’m eating too much of carbs or pasta and when I need to let it go for a week.

Do things for you! Feel sexy within you. I love working out. I hate surgery. I want everything on me to bee real! Of course, I’m still growing confidence within. I still want to drop 20 more pounds my goal is 130 and I will get there. No rush, especially for the camera!

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