Stop Worrying About Other People

January 22, 2016

20 & Always Go with Your Gut Feeling

January 22, 2016

The Case of The EX

January 22, 2016
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photo 220 & The Case of The EX

    Trying to move on into a new situation, but your ex-keeps coming back or you keep running back? As soon as you are happy they always keep running back. I think this will become the story of all of our lives at some point. Now in this blog, I can only share to you the things I have experienced and seen.

Now, it’s a challenge letting people go and moving on to a different relationship whether you realize it or not. If you were with somebody 24/7 and then all of that suddenly stopped happening you become confused as to how did we grow apart? Now it’s the moving on stage.

Whether you like it or not you will bee the rebound at some point in any situation. Everyone you date will not bee interested more than you are interested in him or her. Now, that is why if you know someone who just got out of a relationship bee cautious of not getting into your feelings.

My story: now I was dating somebody for about four to five months who had just got out of a relationship. I knew going into this situation to not get attached and that’s what I exactly did because now he has a girlfriend which randomly happened. Now I don’t go around just texting him or calling him I simply let him go because clearly I knew to keep my guard up. Do I regret it, no not at all because I wish him the best.

In these types of situations, you have to keep your guard up because you never know what may happen. A few exes from the past will try to test you, it is like they have this radar that I know she happy let me mess with her head real quick. It’s sad but true. So just keep your head up.


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  1. Hi Bianca, I just wanted to add on to some things that you said……

    I am for one going through some of the same things right now… when life seems good (from the outside looking in) all my ex’s start popping up out of no where.. running into them at public places especially throws me off because it’s so unexpected , but on social media its so different I can just block them and that’ll be the entire end of that…. until I run into them in person lol.

    My point im trying to make here is sometimes as women when our ex’s come back we become over analytical of the situation. Remember that yall are broken up for a reason and especially if youre in a good space with yourself or at least trying to get there, “the past” cant have an opportunity to leech off of that happiness.

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