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February 8, 2016

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February 8, 2016

5 Things to Do When You Are Feeling Lonely

February 8, 2016
Bianca Bee
Bianca Bee

One thing life has truly taught me this last year was that it’s okay to bee by yourself. I developed a close relationship with myself once I moved into my own place. It felt so weird in the beginning because although I am the only child, I’ve always had a pet, my mom or roommates.

I swear developing a relationship with oneself is so much better. You know how to deal with people more, you know how to avoid certain situations and you know what things that make you happy, sad, angry etc.

So I’m here to share some things you can do if you are ever feeling lonely:

Go for a Walk at a Local Park – When I first moved into my apartment, I would always go walking at my local park.

Read – I try to read every night before I go to bed.

Create new ideas – This is how I wrote my book “The 20’s Chronicles”

Get a Pet – Harpo was the best thing that came into my life

It’s Okay If You Can’t Make Every Event – I’ve learned to sometimes stay my booty at home.

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