April 10, 2022

My Career Journey in Entertainment

April 10, 2022


April 10, 2022
20 Life Tips - Bianca Bee
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Depression - Bianca Bee

This blog post will bee very touchy and is a deep topic. I decided to do this blog because in life we all at some point think about what is our purpose? Why are we going through these rough situations? Why did I lose the person I love the most? I have nobody. I have no family. No one understands me. I can’t find someone to love me. I’m different and weird. I don’t have the right body. When will I get my stardom to fame? I’m struggling. I’m tired of hitting licks.

These things have popped up in our heads numerous times. Life is not easy. Life is hard, but do we make it hard? Do we stress ourselves out over things we can’t control? People think the route to unhappiness is not having enough money, but really the wealthiest people are lonely, they commit suicide. So don’t think it’s a money thing.

My story: I grew up struggling, but I always knew when I got older I wouldn’t struggle. Money was the issue for me. I had more than others, but I wasn’t grateful for what I had because I always wanted more. Now I lived in Hollywood and New York and these places will make you have negative thoughts if you are a creative person and struggling for your dreams because it’s always someone out there doing the same thing as you and better than you. It’s a Debbie- downer it makes you feel like you aren’t talented or good enough. So I always take a step back and realize I’m doing the best I can and that’s all I can do.

If you are thinking about negative thoughts, think about how far you have come. Think about the positives of life. It may bee difficult, but you need to make sure you are around people who bring out the best in you. If you are constantly depressed, seek counseling or talk to somebody or even write.

In the video, I share 5 tips on how to get through depression.

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