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April 28, 2022
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There’s more to sports careers than becoming a professional athlete. If you love sports and want a job centred around your passion for sports, below are a few career options that could be worth pursuing. 


Becoming a coach could allow you to train athletes in your chosen sport – some of whom may even go on to play professionally. Some coaches are former professional athletes, however, you don’t have to have competed professionally to become a coach. So long as you’re passionate and knowledgeable, you can train others. In some sports, qualifications may be necessary.


As a referee or umpire, you can help enforce sports rules at competitive events. To become a professional paid referee or umpire, you generally need to undertake professional training and gain credentials. You can decide whether refereeing and umpiring are right for you by voluntarily officiating at small local games. 

Sports Journalist

If you love keeping on top of sports news and debating sports opinions, you could consider a job as a sports journalist. To become a sports journalist, you’ll usually need a skill in writing and possibly a journalism degree. Keep on top of sports news and learn how to write about sports by following blogs like You could try writing voluntarily for sports blogs and local newspapers, or you could start your own blog. 

Sports Photographer

If you love sports and photography, you could also consider a job as a sports photographer. To become a sports photographer, you’ll need a good understanding of photography – taking a course could be worthwhile. You can gain experience and practice by attending sports events and taking photos. Sports photographers may work for a venue or a team, although many work freelance. 

Talent Scout

Sports talent scouts help to find and select the next best professional athletes. They go around schools and clubs watching games to select the best talent. Becoming a talent scout requires having a thorough understanding of your sport. Qualifications are not necessary but are often preferred. This guide at explains more. 

Sports Center Director

Sports and fitness centers are run by a director. The director is in charge of maintaining the center, managing staff, and carrying out marketing in order to attract new clients. Sports center directors sometimes achieve their role by working at a sports center and climbing the ladder. However, many achieve this role by getting qualifications in business management or marketing and then looking for management vacancies. Director roles at larger sports centers are typically more difficult to obtain and you may need management experience elsewhere first. 

Sports Therapist

Sports therapy is a branch of physical therapy. It involves helping athletes to recover who have sustained injuries. Sports therapy is an ideal job for people that love fitness and have a good understanding of how muscles, joints, and bones work. It’s worth achieving a qualification in sports therapy and then looking for jobs via clinics, sports clubs, and gyms. 


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