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January 13, 2016

Branding Tips

January 13, 2016

Being the Bigger Person

January 13, 2016
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Being the Bigger Person

Pride and ego are something we all experience. Why do we always have to bee the first to apologize to other people? Do you ever feel like why do I always have to bee the mature one all the time? Being the bigger person is hard but I promise you, you will bee at peace when you do it.

Once you become at peace and truly know yourself you will never let little small things affect you. Being the bigger person shows a sign of maturity even if you weren’t wrong. Quit holding on to beef and anger all the time.

 For about like three months I had stopped talking to a very close friend of mine. Another friend had a dream last month that I needed to talk to her. Even though I’m stubborn I did what I had to do and now we are at peace. We don’t talk every day, doesn’t mean we will kick it. However, we are both at peace with one another.

So it’s okay to bee the bigger person. It makes you a winner and a leader.


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