Don’t Settle

September 27, 2015

Building Your Brand & Team!

September 27, 2015

Blogging 101

September 27, 2015
Don't Settle
Building Your Brand & Team
Blogging Tips

20 & Blogging 101!

 Starting a blog is always filled with so much excitement, however a lot of people don’t realize how much comes with it. One main thing I always tell people is that with blogging you have to bee consistent and have to know some key facts when starting and maintaining a blog.

I started blogging summer of 2010 when I was 16. I fell in love with blogging because of Necole Bitchie and TMZ. I started off doing mainly entertainment blogging and promoting upcoming new artists. I was extremely consistent and entertainment blogging definitely brought tons of traffic to my site. But at the time I was doing it as a hobby and didn’t know I could get paid for it until years later.

With blogging I learned a lot of things such as: about copying and pasting photos that aren’t yours, legal problems, the massive amount of how many people are blogging, the ins and outs of wordpress and more.

I decided to share some of my blogging tips 101 and what I have learned so far.

  • BEE CONSISTENT, is this what you really want or is it just a hobby or trendy for you?
  • Think about what kind of blogger you want to bee? Fashion, entertainment, beauty etc.
  • Create a dope name that’s catchy for your blog
  • Think about do you want to brand yourself or brand your company’s name
  • What blogging site do you want to use? WordPress, SquareSpace, Tumblr etc.
  • Pick a cool template that makes sense.
  • Visuals are so important, make sure your pictures make sense.
  • Make sure your pictures are legal and not copy written especially if they are from Getty.
  • Always upload your pictures as the name of the blog post (Key words are so important).
  • Research Google AdSense
  • Make sure your content makes sense to blog.
  • Last thing make sure you are passionate about it.

These are a few rules I milk in people’s heads at my boot camp. Being consistent is the main one. Make sure you are posting daily and gaining fans and followers.

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