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September 28, 2015

How I Started My Show & Why I Keep Going?

September 28, 2015

Building Your Brand & Team!

September 28, 2015
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The Bianca Bee Show.
Building Your Brand & Team

20 & Building Your Brand & Team!

        When being an entrepreneur or developing your own business, it is not always about you! It’s about affecting other people. It’s not about being famous or being around famous people. It’s about doing what you love and doing it with the people you love! Its “We” not “Me “and not “I.”

Starting my show and building my team, honestly helped me realize that it’s not always about Bianca. It also taught me not to bee selfish because I am the only child. Having a team is so important and building a healthy and good brand is the key.

Here are a few of my tips when building your brand and building a team.

  • Make sure what you are doing is good and you aren’t just doing it for money.
  • Make sure you are passionate and the people around you are passionate as well.
  • Don’t mix business and pleasure; make sure there are boundaries.
  • When creating a brand know that people will leave you and that’s okay.
  • Make sure the people around you are honest, positive and uplifting you.
  • Show people that you care and that it’s not just about you.
  • Make sure the people around you aren’t opportunist and that they are genuine.
  • In this business use your street smarts and book smarts.

When starting your brand make sure its not always about “I,” its about “We.”

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