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Bianca Bee Presents 1st Hosting & Social Media Bootcamp “Register Here”

Bianca Bee - July 17, 2015
BiancaBee Becoming a Host

Hi Busyy Bees,I am excited to announce my very first BOOTCAMP!  You will learn strategies to becoming an influential Talk Show Host, Blogger and Social Media Expert. I have been getting a massive amount of emails, DMs and messages about advice on blogging and hosting and I thought this would bee a great opportunity. Don’t worry I will bee traveling this fall to a city …

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A MUST Fashion Grab: “Purple Vain”

Bianca Bee - January 21, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 3.33.52 AM

Purple VAIN brings you nothing but GLAM! Love this new promo and launch of this brand. They are bringing something worthwhile to the fashion market. The very opposite of boring, there are enough things in the world that are a bore your wardrobe shouldn’t be one of them! Owner States: We have put focus on texture, bold prints and fun colors to really bring the glam …

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