How to be a Confident Woman Series

Bianca Bee - April 23, 2021
Bianca Bee Headshot

Every girl struggles with confidence. So I created a confidence series on some things that have helped me in business, life and relationships. How to Build Your Confidence We all lack confidence in some type of way whether its looks or personality. The most beautiful people sometimes lack the most confidence. Society teaches us to look and feel a certain way about ourselves. We are constantly comparing ourselves …

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I Got a Personal Trainer | Week 1 & 2 Fitness Journey | Vlog

Bianca Bee - September 4, 2018

I’m so excited to share that I finally got a trainer. Since my 25th birthday is approaching it was extremely important for me to start back getting healthy. In this Vlog, you meet my trainer and it gets really intense. Check out the first two weeks of my training. Video below! The Bianca Bee Show: My Twitter: My Facebook: My Instagram: …

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This Venice Beach Restaurant Only Serves Breakfast at Night Time

Bianca Bee - February 16, 2018
Nighthawk Restaurant_Bianca Bee_01

Busy Bees, BREAKFAST. At night. Infused with liquor? Don’t mind if I do! If you know me, you already know that I’m obsessed with breakfast food and can eat it at any hour of the day. I recently found out about Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar located in Venice, CA. It’s a restaurant/bar that serves cocktails and elevated breakfast fare for dinner. When I arrived at Nighthawk, the …

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Bianca Bee - September 12, 2017
Vlog - Bianca Bee

Hi Busy Bees, I missed Vlogging so much! I had so much fun attending Unique LA this year! Also ran into a few of my favorite companies such as: Rosen Skin Care, Take Flight Coffee, Baggage Klain & a cutie! Watch the Vlog below Download Bianca Bee for Android, Amazon, Blackberry, or iPhone/iPad! Visit this URL in your phone’s browser: …or Search for itsbiancabee in Google Play Store, Amazon, BlackBerry World and iTunes

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New Month, New Goals!

Bianca Bee - September 6, 2017
Bianca Bee - Blogger

3 Goals I Want to Accomplish In September  Hi Busy Bees,  I have been extremely overwhelmed with editing tons of interviews but I am back to blogging about topics. I’m glad Fall is here because it means my birthday is approaching. I have so many goals I want to accomplish for the next three months, so of course, I had to share them to you busy …

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Saying Goodbye to Old Belly

Bianca Bee - January 3, 2017

So Busy Bees it’s time to start the new year right with some fitness goals. Let’s get rid of some of our old habits and have a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been a vegetarian for four years now. Today marks the day of my transformation and I’m so happy I did it! If I can do it, you can too! I’m super simple when it comes …

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My Favorite Make Up Looks

Bianca Bee - September 24, 2015
Makeup on Bianca Bee

When it comes to The Bianca Bee Show, red-carpets and networking events I love rotating makeup artists. I love all the makeup artists I work with because they are all so creative and know me very well. When it comes to makeup, I am extremely picky because I tend to be very simple. My must haves are always my fake eyelashes by and a bold …

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Staying Healthy After Summer

Bianca Bee - September 2, 2015

20 & Staying Healthy After Summer  As summer is coming to an end, a lot of people go back to their old ways when it comes to dieting and working out. People go back to eating junk food and sadly quit their gym membership. Why should you quit something you started working on? Staying active even after summer is very important because when you just …

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Tuesday Favorites: OMG! Purple Lipstick by “Cake Cosmetics”

Bianca Bee - June 2, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.50.21 PM

Lipstick obsession! As you guys know I wear a variety of purple lipsticks, but one of my favorite brands is “Cake Cosmetics.” This company was created by licensed esthetician and makeup-artist “Aunjoli.” What I like about this company is that first its long lasting, which is super hard to find in a lipstick. It also includes Vitamin E, which makes my lips very soft! I …

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Introducing Hidrate – A Smart Water Bottle That Tracks Your Intake

Bianca Bee - June 1, 2015

  All you need is your phone to stay hydrated! I know you are wondering like what is she talking about? I’m talking about “Hidrate!” When this product was first announced to me, I was like “WOW! This is Great!” As you guys know I’ve been on a water challenge this month and the outcome of it has been great. I was introduced to “Hidrate” which …

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