Nina Payne on How Comcast RISE Helped Grow Her Business & Shares Entrepreneurship Tips

May 16, 2023

Uncle Funch EXCLUSIVE Interview | Busiest Weekend in IDLEWILD

May 16, 2023

Erica Pietrzyk on How Comcast RISE Helped Her Business & Turning Family Pierogi Recipe into a Business

May 16, 2023
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Bianca Bee and The Bianca Bee Show discuss all things Business. Finances and Friendships in the entertainment industry.

In this latest episode, we have founder Erica Pietrzyk of Pietrzyk Foods. We discuss how she turned her famous family recipe into a successful business, how Comcast RISE helped her business thrive during the pandemic and advice she would give to young entrepreneurs out there.

Comcast RISE can even help you and your business. Beginning on June 1, and through June 30, eligible businesses in metro Detroit, as well as Baltimore, Memphis, Philadelphia, and Portland, can apply for a grant package at A total of 100 grants per city, or 500 grants overall, will be announced in August and awarded in September 2023, bringing the total number of recipients to date to 13,500.

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