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May 19, 2022

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May 19, 2022
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How to Deal with Negative Family Members?

We’ve all been there before. We have this awesome idea or some exciting news and we decide to share it with our loved ones and then BOOM! They say the most hating and discouraging shit!
Growing up, I’ve always had issues with both sides of my family; especially when it came to my career. I’ve gotten into tons of disagreements about how I look, what I wear, my business ideas, money and more.

Now, that I’m an adult, I don’t listen to other people’s opinions when it comes to my career because everyone in my family doesn’t understand.
And you know what? That is OKAY! Here are my tips on how to not let family get to you.

Talk about what they want to talk about

Sometimes with family, especially older people…lol just let them talk about themselves.

Change the subject

If they ask you what’s going on in your life, just try your best to minimize major key points that will cause a debate.

Important topics can cause discussions to get out of control, especially when emotions are involved. So it might be easier to change the subject to less emotive issues from Flat Grave Markers when discussing funerals, for example, to current news events to avoid negativity and stress.

Debate if you are a debater

I hate debating with people, but if you are a debater go head to toe with your family members.


Overall, people don’t know any better! Just forgive them. Haha! Especially parents! 

Family will not always agree with all of your decisions and that’s okay. That’s why you have to learn to not let anyone, especially family, get under your skin. There will be members of your family that will hate on your ideas and that is perfectly fine.
You just have to learn how to love people from a distance.

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