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October 15, 2015

How to Get Internships and Mentors

October 15, 2015

How to Stay Positive Through The “B/S”

October 15, 2015
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20 & How to Stay Positive Through The “B/S”

 Do you ever just feel that bad things are happening to you one after the other? But you are constantly trying to still stay happy through it all but just everything is just starting to get out of control. You can’t help but to cry or just simply bee angry at the world. Well, this blog is perfect for helping you stay positive through the bullshit.

If you are naturally a positive person things kind of tend to affect you way more. It affects you more because you are used to a certain way of living and being negative is not it. However, you have to get out of your head that you have to bee positive everyday. It’s absolutely impossible to bee that way all day every day. Some of the most positive giving people even go through it and that’s okay. Its okay to cry and bee upset. But the thing you have to learn how to control is learning from the situation and for it not to ruin your life.

My story: this year has been one of the most challenging, yet growing years for me. However, I’m learning slowly but surely to not let it effect my mood and to learn how to bee happy through it all and that everything will bee okay. Just yesterday, I went through a situation in regards of money and yes I got upset for a minute but then I asked my boss for advice and he helped me through it. Sometimes help and an honest listening ear can help you a long way.

So quit pouting about something that happened last week or even last night. Don’t let yesterday effect today.

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