Lil George Talks “Sauce”, Working With French Montana & Scream Tour

September 3, 2015

Every Successful Person Has a Story

September 3, 2015

Remember No One Is You or Can Bee You!

September 3, 2015
Lil George
Bianca Bee

20 & Remember No One Is You or Can Bee You!

 It’s a very competitive world, so how do you set yourself apart from everyone else? How do you also support everyone else and still handle your business? Why when you are on top, the people around you don’t support you? Why is it always a competition?

Entertainment is one of the most competitive industries in the world besides sports. This industry is filled with so many people who have the same goals and ideas as you but everyone can’t make it in Hollywood so how do you set yourself apart? What do you bring to the table that other people haven’t done yet? Unfortunately this “Hollywood” life is extremely difficult and you have to bee ready for it.

My story: When I used to blog when I was 16 I did it because I sincerely loved writing and researching. I even went to college for film to learn more about editing and interviewing people to gain knowledge in my craft. One thing about me is that I’ve never lost the passion for it, no matter how many people are creating blogs or web shows now. I wanted to do something different by creating my very own talk show and I did that. I’ve never looked at someone as competition because I know no one can bee me and I can’t bee anyone else but me.

Always remember no one knows your struggle or how you got to where you are today. No one can duplicate you! So stop looking at people as competition and being like the next person. Just bee you!

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