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February 15, 2016

How to Network & Put Yourself Out There

February 15, 2016

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

February 15, 2016
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20 & Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

 Often times when following our dreams or career goals we find ourselves comparing ourselves to others. When you find yourself doing that and being envious of what someone else has you are just bringing more negativity into your life and making it a slower process to get to where you need to go simply because you are worried about someone else instead of yourself.

There are so many bloggers and hosts out there that sometimes I can get discouraged. But once I had realized that I am good and no one can duplicate me and vice-versa more opportunities have come to me.

My story: I remember when I first started my show I would always compare my YouTube numbers to others. Once I’ve realized to not pay attention to that stuff, more opportunities came to me.

Always stay focused on you and always remember that everything is timing.


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