How to be a Confident Woman Series

Bianca Bee - April 23, 2021
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Every girl struggles with confidence. So I created a confidence series on some things that have helped me in business, life and relationships. How to Build Your Confidence We all lack confidence in some type of way whether its looks or personality. The most beautiful people sometimes lack the most confidence. Society teaches us to look and feel a certain way about ourselves. We are constantly comparing ourselves …

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20 & My Weight Loss & Why I Love My Boobs?!

Bianca Bee - March 26, 2015

20 & Weight Loss & Why I Love My Boobs?!  Weight loss x Boobs! Great topic right? From 189 pounds to now 153! J I hate the word “diet.” Personally when I use to say the saying “I’m on a diet,” I would gain more weight. Weight issues suffer through all girls. My weight gain happened in high school. I had curves, but didn’t know …

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