How to Deal with Negative Family Members?

Bianca Bee - May 19, 2022
Bianca Bee - Haters

How to Deal with Negative Family Members? We’ve all been there before. We have this awesome idea or some exciting news and we decide to share it with our loved ones and then BOOM! They say the most hating and discouraging shit! Growing up, I’ve always had issues with both sides of my family; especially when it came to my career. I’ve gotten into tons …

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How to Handle Stress as a Young Entrepreneur

Bianca Bee - April 13, 2022
Bianca Bee

As a young entrepreneur, stress is an inevitable part of the job. You are juggling a million different things at once, and sometimes it feels like you’re barely keeping your head above water. But don’t worry – you’re not alone! Stress is a normal reaction to the challenges of entrepreneurship. This blog post will discuss how to handle stress as a young entrepreneur. We will …

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Bianca Bee - April 10, 2022
Depression - Bianca Bee

This blog post will bee very touchy and is a deep topic. I decided to do this blog because in life we all at some point think about what is our purpose? Why are we going through these rough situations? Why did I lose the person I love the most? I have nobody. I have no family. No one understands me. I can’t find someone …

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Insecure Cast Members Sarunas J. Jackson & DomiNque Perry Give Industry Tips, Miss Diddy Number One Beauty Tip & More at The Ella Lisque

Bianca Bee - September 4, 2017
Ella Lisque - Bianca Bee

Hi Busy Bees, I had a blast attending the 2nd annual Ella Lisque Fashion Show. The room was filled with great energy, A-list celebrities, amazing fashion looks and more. Check out my interview with HBO‘s hit show Insecure’s Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson) and Tasha (DomiNque Perry) below.   Socialite and Entrepreneur Miss Diddy LA shares her number one beauty secret. Fashion designer Nichole Lynel debuts her …

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Inside Jessica Rich’s Closet: Girl Chat, Career Goals & Men

Bianca Bee - July 27, 2017
Jessica Rich - Bianca Bee Show

Hi Busy Bees, In this week’s episode of The Bianca Bee Show, we have Jessica Rich. She’s an entrepreneur, TV personality and owner of popular online boutique Jessica Rich Collection. We got a glimpse of her closet, we talked about being single, dating in LA, what’s next in her life and more. Check it out below! Also to shop my looks from Shop1323, click here: …

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Bee Careful On Who You Invest Your Time With

Bianca Bee - April 23, 2017

Bee Careful On Who You Invest Your Time With If you get a mixed signal about someone and you feel they aren’t going to bee loyal or give you what you want or need, you need to remove yourself from the situation ASAP. We constantly invest our time into people who don’t deserve us. We say maybe they will change or maybe I can change …

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You Never Know Who You Can Inspire

Bianca Bee - April 13, 2017
Bianca Bee

You Never Know Who You Can Inspire Everyone has a story! And a lot of us are similar more than we are different. Some people are afraid to put themselves out there and that is why there are leaders and there are followers. A lot of people in this world are scared to bee vulnerable and show their true colors because they don’t want people …

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Be Happy and Support Others

Bianca Bee - April 3, 2017
Bianca Bee - Blogger

Be Happy and Support Others One of my major pet peeves is when people hate on other people and their accomplishments or new ideas. I feel that some of us have amazing ideas but never have the support from others or are afraid of what people have to say before we release it. I’ve learned to genuinely bee happy for others because what is meant for …

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When Your Friend is in a Bad Relationship

Bianca Bee - March 23, 2017
Bianca Bee - Friendships

When Your Friend is in a Bad Relationship Ugh this is always a difficult topic to talk about because it’s like what do you do when your friend is in a toxic relationship? Do you voice your opinion? Do you keep quiet? Do you let them learn on their own? Do you tell them “I told you so?” What to do? Do you bee honest …

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