How to Handle Stress as a Young Entrepreneur

Bianca Bee - April 13, 2022
Bianca Bee

As a young entrepreneur, stress is an inevitable part of the job. You are juggling a million different things at once, and sometimes it feels like you’re barely keeping your head above water. But don’t worry – you’re not alone! Stress is a normal reaction to the challenges of entrepreneurship. This blog post will discuss how to handle stress as a young entrepreneur. We will …

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How to be a Confident Woman Series

Bianca Bee - April 23, 2021
Bianca Bee Headshot

Every girl struggles with confidence. So I created a confidence series on some things that have helped me in business, life and relationships. How to Build Your Confidence We all lack confidence in some type of way whether its looks or personality. The most beautiful people sometimes lack the most confidence. Society teaches us to look and feel a certain way about ourselves. We are constantly comparing ourselves …

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Don’t Blow Your Chances

Bianca Bee - February 29, 2016
Bianca Bee

Often times we are giving so many opportunities and blessings that we don’t even see it. We sometimes stop our own happiness by always taking care of other people and making sure everyone is okay but forget about ourselves. If you are in the room with powerful people, you better take that opportunity to become just as powerful as them. Don’t blow your chances by …

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Bee Happy for the Next Female

Bianca Bee - October 9, 2015
Female Empowerment

20 & Bee Happy for the Next Female Some women say “female empowerment” but still bee hating? People now a days are still not supportive when seeing the next person succeed especially if that other person is in the same career field as them. Why bee jealous? Today compliment someone and tell him or her how great they are doing. Don’t just do it to …

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Don’t Settle

Bianca Bee - September 25, 2015
Don't Settle

20 & Don’t Settle  Are you stuck in a place where you don’t want to bee? Consistently unhappy in your work place, unhappy in your current relationship or even unhappy in you’re current location? Evaluate what’s making you unhappy and why are you allowing it? In reality, sometimes we just put up with stuff or people just because of fear of letting it go or …

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Staying Healthy After Summer

Bianca Bee - September 2, 2015

20 & Staying Healthy After Summer  As summer is coming to an end, a lot of people go back to their old ways when it comes to dieting and working out. People go back to eating junk food and sadly quit their gym membership. Why should you quit something you started working on? Staying active even after summer is very important because when you just …

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