My 7 Fall Goals

Bianca Bee - October 2, 2015

20 & My 7 Fall Goals As we are almost approaching the end of 2015, why not still accomplish a few last things? Why not change some things that are going on in our life? Why not create another vision board or give something up? I have a few goals that I want to share for the remaining of this year. This year was overall …

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Blogging 101

Bianca Bee - September 27, 2015
Blogging Tips

20 & Blogging 101!  Starting a blog is always filled with so much excitement, however a lot of people don’t realize how much comes with it. One main thing I always tell people is that with blogging you have to bee consistent and have to know some key facts when starting and maintaining a blog. I started blogging summer of 2010 when I was 16. …

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The Key To Staying Focused

Bianca Bee - September 9, 2015

20 & The Key To Staying Focused Many different distractions can occur in your life but you have to learn how to stay focused. Balance is the key to life. You must know how to balance your work life, personal life, and love life. You must know that anything that affects your personal life should never interfere with your work life. If you are struggling …

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Staying Healthy After Summer

Bianca Bee - September 2, 2015

20 & Staying Healthy After Summer  As summer is coming to an end, a lot of people go back to their old ways when it comes to dieting and working out. People go back to eating junk food and sadly quit their gym membership. Why should you quit something you started working on? Staying active even after summer is very important because when you just …

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Appreciating The Small Things

Bianca Bee - August 27, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 7.10.55 AM

20 & Appreciating The Small Things How many of you guys actually say thank you for waking up and really mean it? Do you text a love one randomly and just say thank you? Is there one day you aren’t complaining about money, work, your family or your spouse? Think about it! Most of us, including myself just some days just really complain about everything …

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The Makeup I Wear & Use Daily!

Bianca Bee - July 17, 2015
Best Makeup Products

Hi Busyy Bees, A lot of you guys have been requesting a video on what kind of makeup I use daily, so I’ve created a video of the products I’ve been using this summer. I will eventually do a tutorial and post it soon! Sorry for the soft focus on certain parts, it kept going in and out. But hope you enjoy. Products Used (No …

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20 & 5 Tips on Having a Good Day

Bianca Bee - March 12, 2015

20 & 5 Tips on Having a Good Day  The middle of the week doesn’t have to always feel long!! You determine how your day, your week and the things in your life go. Although we can’t control what or who irritates us throughout the week, we can control how we react to people and certain situations. So here are a few of my tips …

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