5 Ways to Build Your Online Presence

Bianca Bee - April 11, 2017
Bianca Bee - Phone

How to Build Your Online Presence  If you follow me on social media then you know I’m obsessed with it. I think it’s so cool that you can meet amazing people online, inspire others and voice your opinion on a platform. I love staying connected and looking at the latest trends. I love putting myself out there and I do a pretty damn good job …

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The Beauty and the Curse of Social Media

Bianca Bee - February 27, 2017

The Beauty and the Curse of Social Media It’s been awhile since I’ve done a 20’s Chronicles blog and this week since I’m back in writers mode I really wanted to take some time out and talk about my thoughts on social media. There is a beauty and curse to this lifestyle and it must bee a balance when it comes to social media. I …

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My 7 Fall Goals

Bianca Bee - October 2, 2015

20 & My 7 Fall Goals As we are almost approaching the end of 2015, why not still accomplish a few last things? Why not change some things that are going on in our life? Why not create another vision board or give something up? I have a few goals that I want to share for the remaining of this year. This year was overall …

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Why Self-Motivation Can Bee Hard?

Bianca Bee - March 24, 2015

20 & Why Self-Motivation Can Bee Hard?  Being motivated the entire time can bee draining and very difficult. Most days you are happy and positive. Other days you just feel so “not in the mood.” So how do you stay motivated? How can you remain focused every day? The reality is that you can’t. You have to take the bad days as learning experiences. Being …

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20 & How Much Time Are You Wasting?

Bianca Bee - March 3, 2015

20 & How Much Time Are You Wasting? Talking about people daily, always on social media, always gossiping! How much time are you really wasting? Certain people never worry about themselves, but always worried about what others are doing. What does productive mean to these people? Clearly nothing! (Giggles) I don’t know about you? But being productive always puts me in a positive spirit. Time …

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