How to Feel Good in Yourself

Bianca Bee - September 3, 2022
Bianca Bee

The feeling of self-doubt can be overwhelming and make you feel like you are not good enough. But, there are things that you can do to make yourself feel better about yourself. It’s all about making a commitment to yourself and working hard to feel good. Let’s take a look. The Reasons Why You Aren’t Feeling Good The most common reason why people feel unhappy …

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Inside Jessica Rich’s Closet: Girl Chat, Career Goals & Men

Bianca Bee - July 27, 2017
Jessica Rich - Bianca Bee Show

Hi Busy Bees, In this week’s episode of The Bianca Bee Show, we have Jessica Rich. She’s an entrepreneur, TV personality and owner of popular online boutique Jessica Rich Collection. We got a glimpse of her closet, we talked about being single, dating in LA, what’s next in her life and more. Check it out below! Also to shop my looks from Shop1323, click here: …

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Quit Going Back to People That Consistently Hurt You

Bianca Bee - April 7, 2017
Bianca Bee - Hurt

Quit Going Back to the Person That Consistently Hurts You You can’t tell people who to love but how much more of “hurt” love can you take? When a person consistently doesn’t treat you with respect, when a person consistently hurts you in the same way, why continuously go back? I know why, because you are comfortable, you like how they treat you, no one else …

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How I Really Feel About Valentine’s Day?

Bianca Bee - February 14, 2017
Valentines Day

How I Really Feel About Valentine’s Day? Honestly, I just love Valentines Day makeup…haha! No, I’m kidding! I’m a sucker for love. I think love is powerful and at the end of the day, it’s something that we all need and should definitely cherish more of. I’m single and have been now for many years. This holiday used to really irk me because I was …

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20 & Learning How to Ask For Help

Bianca Bee - April 11, 2016
Bianca Bee

20 & Learning How to Ask for Help If you are prideful like me, asking for help is very challenging. But one thing I’m learning is closed mouths don’t get fed. You have to bee willing to set your pride aside, ask for help and get what you want. Ego and pride can get in the way of being great. I had to learn a …

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20 & Bee Careful On What You Want

Bianca Bee - March 28, 2016
Bianca Bee

20 & Bee Careful On What You Want Bee careful for what you wish for you. Sometimes when we want something so badly it never turns out the way we expected it to. There are even moments when we expect a lot from people and they let us down. You have to bee cautious on what you want vs what you need. You have to believe …

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Single Again? 5 Tips to Get Back in the Game

Bianca Bee - February 3, 2016
Makeup by Mik3y Starr

Being single is not easy especially if you recently ended something that was extremely serious. I’ve been single since the end of April last year and it wasn’t hard for me to get back in the game because I move on fast. However, emotionally I always thought about him. Here are 5 tips to get back out there: Forgiveness: In order to move on from …

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