When the Timing Is Right It Will Happen

Bianca Bee - December 24, 2015
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20 & When the Timing Is Right It Will Happen  Often times we try to rush projects, jump into relationships and make quick decisions without thinking thoroughly. We want it now, now, now instead of working hard for it, planning it out and doing it the right way. We are always so quick to broadcast things and jump into things that eventually will go down …

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You Can’t Fix Something That’s Broken

Bianca Bee - October 8, 2015
Broken Heart

20 & You Can’t Fix Something That’s Broken  People consistently try to change other people and they honestly can’t. You can’t make someone want you in the way that you want them. You can’t make someone bee “perfect,” either. You also can’t fix someone who has been broken. In relationships, friendships and even in careers we try to change people to make their perspective our …

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My 7 Fall Goals

Bianca Bee - October 2, 2015

20 & My 7 Fall Goals As we are almost approaching the end of 2015, why not still accomplish a few last things? Why not change some things that are going on in our life? Why not create another vision board or give something up? I have a few goals that I want to share for the remaining of this year. This year was overall …

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Don’t Settle

Bianca Bee - September 25, 2015
Don't Settle

20 & Don’t Settle  Are you stuck in a place where you don’t want to bee? Consistently unhappy in your work place, unhappy in your current relationship or even unhappy in you’re current location? Evaluate what’s making you unhappy and why are you allowing it? In reality, sometimes we just put up with stuff or people just because of fear of letting it go or …

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Leaving a Crazy Situation

Bianca Bee - August 28, 2015
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20 & Leaving a Crazy Situation     You should never feel unhappy where you are at or who you are with. You should never let something or someone have that much power over your life and your happiness. If someone is not brining out the best in you, leave them…easier said than done right? Often times I see people in certain situations, consistently complaining …

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20 & How To Develop Healthy Relationships & Love Yourself

Bianca Bee - April 3, 2015

20 & How To Develop Healthy Relationships & Love Yourself Inspired to Live Coaching! I constantly share to you guys’ motivational information on how to love yourself and have healthy relationships in your career, family, friendships and relationship. Well, what if I tell you talking to strangers about your problems is 10x better then talking to your close friends? Recently I discovered a cool service …

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20 & People Come In Your Life For A Reason

Bianca Bee - March 30, 2015
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20 & People Come In Your Life For A Reason   Here today, gone tomorrow! I’m a firm believer that everyone comes in your life to teach you something. Whether they break your heart, hurt you, betray you, help you, everyone has a purpose. You have to adapt that you must learn something from everyone who enters your life. You’re going to go through many …

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