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May 4, 2023

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May 4, 2023

What Are Your Options When You’re “in Hate” With Your Body?

May 4, 2023
Bianca Bee
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Bianca Bee

We all have our days where we look in the mirror and we don’t just feel underwhelmed with what we see, but we absolutely hate how we look. It’s hardly a surprise that more people are struggling with how they look or have a severe dislike of their physical appearance. We all have imperfections, but it’s something that we should come to accept. However, if you are “in hate” with your body, it’s important to know what your options really are.

Cosmetic Surgery

It’s something that we’ve all considered, especially if there is something that slowly chips away at our self-confidence. Perhaps people make passing comments or they unconsciously recoil at something so little about yourself, you are getting physically weighed down by your attributes.

While there are many cosmetic options out there such as Dr. Ewings breast augmentation clinic, cosmetic surgery is something that you’ve got to think long and hard about. So many people think cosmetic surgery is a quick fix when, in fact, anything in life requires a lot of hard work and dedication. 

Learn to Be Yourself

We all strive for some sort of perfection, but the problem is there is no such thing as perfection. When we are comfortable in who we are, we are being more authentic, and this over time can help us to overlook those imperfections and make us feel more accepting of who we are. 

It’s so tough when we see people on Instagram putting all those filters on and editing how they look, but we all know deep down that these are not signs of authenticity. So, therefore, we’ve got to get beyond the social media posts and constantly remind ourselves that they’re not being authentic. 

There are many people out there who are blazing a trail for social media by posting themselves in their most authentic form, but you need to remember that finding a look or a style that makes you feel comfortable in yourself is the most important thing. You can just ignore the rest.

Give Your Body What It Needs

If you are in hate how you look, sometimes the solutions are straightforward, but other times it is essential that we indulge our body. When we do things that make us feel rejuvenated, we will feel better about ourselves. A trip to the nail salon, doing your hair, or putting your body through a yoga class or an exercise session can help you to do away with the thoughts that are damaging you. 

The problem we’ve all got is that our inner critic always shouts louder than everything else. Doing the things that help you feel better in yourself is so obvious, but when you don’t like who you are, there can be the temptation to stop giving your body the things it needs to thrive. You may feel you’re not deserving of the good stuff. 

The trick here is to start relaxing into yourself and give your body the things that will make you feel better on the inside. If you have concerns with your weight, you might think that starving yourself or eating a lot less is the solution, but there have been countless people out there who have undergone strength training that doesn’t just help them to lose weight, but it makes them feel better in themselves because they can feel themselves getting stronger. Strength training has been considered one of the simplest, yet most effective cure-alls in the modern world, and it might be exactly what you need!

Reduce the Stress in Your Life

When we hate how we look, this is the manifestation of stress in its purest form. We could trace it back to a passing comment somebody had made or we caught ourselves in the mirror at the wrong angle, and this negative thought slowly snowballed into something far more dangerous. 

Stress is one of those things that we all suffer in one form or another. A little bit of stress is good because it motivates us, but a lot of stress is not helpful in the slightest because it doesn’t just eat away at our confidence, but it stops us from being the best version of ourselves. 

Learning to be more confident in yourself is not something that will happen overnight, but it is the most important solution that can keep those inner demons at bay. 

While hate is a very extreme word, we’ve all had those moments where we just want to smash the mirror and hide under the covers. There are always options out there, in mind and body.


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