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January 18, 2023

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January 18, 2023

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January 18, 2023
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Confidence. It’s a simple word with a big meaning, and that meaning is a little different to everyone. After all, for some it’s quiet and for some, it’s loud, for some it’s funny and for some it’s serious, and most of all, the definition can change as you grow. And as long as you feel good in your own skin, you’ve got your own sense of confidence about you! 

But where does confidence actually come from? What makes us feel secure and happy, and like we can take on the world from the safe base that is ourselves? Once again, the sources of confidence can differ as wildly as personalities do, but experts agree that there are 3 main places we draw this strength from. Check them out below.

Faith in Your Own Skills

Do you believe in yourself? Because a little bit of faith in your own skills is the biggest form of confidence known to man. Indeed, it’s where the idea of ‘self-esteem’ even comes from. When you know you can do something, when you know you can give something out to the world, you’ll have a much more unshakable sense of your inner self. That’s true confidence.

Healthy Self Expression

Self-expression occurs in both big and little ways. What you wear, how you style your hair, what language you like to use, your hobbies, your favorite music, and movies, what you like to cook – these are all forms of self-expression. And feeling like you can indulge in these, and not feeling barriers to doing so ensures you can be yourself in a healthy manner.

Because when you love something, when you commit time and energy to it, it feeds confidence back into you in return. And whether that means you like designing and making your own beach apparel or dying your hair or getting plenty of tattoos, you get confidence boosts from it all. Not to mention just how fun all these things can be! 

A Supportive Environment

It’s good not to rely on other people to lift you up, as a rule. However, if you go a long time without hearing a positive comment or two, it’ll put you right back down again. And while a lot of confidence comes from your internal self, a bit of it comes from what you’re surrounded with too.

As a person, you’re naturally very social. While you might not think that, whether you’re a little shy or just happily introverted, it’s always nice to meet up with friends and/or make new ones. And that kind of connection helps us to feel confident. These are people who know and appreciate us for who we are, and feeling that can give you a real warm glow! 

Confidence is limitless. If you’re struggling to find yours, make sure you consider the sources above. It might just be that you need a new hobby, or to hang out with a close friend for a bit!

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