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December 1, 2015

Music Mondays – Lyrica Anderson

December 1, 2015

Why Do We Always Stay?

December 1, 2015
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20 & Why Do We Always Stay?

 Should I stay or should I go? Often times we stay in relationships and jobs where we know deep down inside we aren’t happy in. We try and try to fight the pain, but we know this job or this person is just not it! But why do we stay? Why do we continue being somewhere where we aren’t happy in?

We stay because it’s easier not to change our current situation. It takes too much energy to quit or to leave. But the main reason why we stay is because of Fear. Fear that we can’t find someone else or fear that we will bee broke.

My story: I’ve always been a person who was a risk-taker. If I weren’t happy somewhere I would leave. Now that I’m older, I now have bills and quitting a job is a little bit more complicated than usual. I’m learning that I’ve somewhat given up on my dreams and I had to put myself back into reality check on what’s important.

My biggest advice is just to think about the pros and the cons and do what makes you feel happy. Know that things are temporary.

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