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December 8, 2015

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December 8, 2015

Why Don’t People Realize How Good You Are Until After?

December 8, 2015
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20 & Why Don’t People Realize How Good You Are Until After?

 Don’t you hate when you get that text years later that you were a great partner to someone? You bee like “Wow really?” Why don’t people see how good you are to them until months or years later?

 Sometimes we give our all to people, put them before us and still get nothing in return. But see where you messed up? You put another person before yourself. You let a man or a woman control you when you should’ve controlled your emotions. I always believe you should bee an amazing partner to someone, but you also should live your life as well. I see young girls daily giving there all to a young boy who isn’t crap or have any goals. I bee like, “boo don’t stop your dreams or goals for no man.”

My story: I try to keep whom I date and my relationships private. I feel like social media doesn’t need to know the actual person or how they look. I’ll talk about past situations on my blog because they are the past and I’m comfortable with sharing stories. However, I do like to keep things private. But I will say one thing about me is that I’ve never loosed focused while being in a relationship. I’ve always put myself and my dreams first because I know they will never say they don’t like me or love me anymore. I think that is why I’m so able to move on from guys very quickly because my success is way more important to me.

So I’m here to tell you to stay focus on what you are supposed to stay focus on. A man or a woman that loves you, will always support you and make sure you are treated with respect and appreciative.

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