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May 25, 2023

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May 25, 2023

Why You Should Take A Longer Break From Work (And How To Get The Most Out Of It)

May 25, 2023
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Taking holidays while working is sometimes not thought of. It is important to consider breaks so you can rejuvenate and refocus your mind. Avoiding breaks can cause burnout and unnecessary stress. Every employee is entitled to take breaks, especially one or two longer holidays each year. 

Whether you have just started a business or have been working at the same company for years, it is essential to take breaks. 

This guide will share the best advice to encourage you to take regular breaks and how to get the most out of a holiday (and much deserved long break away from work).

How to enjoy your breaks from work

Choose somewhere special 

Choosing somewhere special for your holiday will ensure you have a relaxing time and enjoy somewhere where you can completely switch off. 

For example, the Riad Botanica in Marrakech is a beautiful location for your trip to the city. You can ensure to relax in luxury and be treated like someone special, which you should be when you take a break from work and go on holiday.

Turn your devices off

Should you wish to refresh your mind and not feel stressed while away, it can be a good idea to turn your devices off. 

Switching off your phone and other devices that send notifications, even for a day, can help you fully relax.

Go with someone you enjoy spending time with (or go alone)

It is important to go away with someone that makes you feel relaxed. Whether that means going with a partner or alone, you should spend your time in a way that makes you feel the most calm. 

Go in off-peak season

Going on holiday and taking a break from work during the off-peak season will ensure it is quieter, which will again, help you feel more relaxed. 

Plus, the off-peak season is cheaper, which will further encourage you to take a break as it is more affordable.

Why you should take regular breaks from work

To avoid burnout

Taking breaks at work will ensure you avoid burnout, which can cause stress and hinder your health. 

Therefore, as well as taking breaks to have a holiday, ensure to take regular breaks such as longer lunches or 10 minutes away from your desk. It will help to avoid unnecessary fatigue and stress.

Refreshing your mind for more inspiration

Taking a holiday away from work will help to reset and refresh your mind. It will give you the opportunity to completely switch off from work and responsibilities. This will help you return to work will a clearer and more motivated mindset. 

You are entitled to it

Everyone is entitled to a holiday. You might not be able to take four weeks off at a time, but taking a week off is always possible.

Therefore, ensure to take breaks when you need them as you are entitled to them. If you are employed, you will be paid for this time to make you feel less guilty.


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