September 4, 2018

I Got a Personal Trainer | Week 1 & 2 Fitness Journey | Vlog

September 4, 2018

Let’s Talk Yoni Eggs & Body Image

September 4, 2018
Bianca Bee_Florida_Vlog
Bianca_Be You Beauty

In this Vlog, I got a little woman personal! In this vlog, I discuss birth control, my thoughts on Yoni Eggs & fitness. Bianca, owner of Be You Beauty recently sent me her Yoni Steams and the benefits are amazing. Bianca quotes “The word Yoni is a sacred Sanskrit word meaning “sacred temple”, “womb”, “goddess”, “vagina” or “origin of life”. Yoni steaming supports all of these aspects of a wombman. Also known as vagina steaming, chi-Yok or bajo, it is a holistic health practice where woman allows a sacred blend of herbs to permeate the interior and exterior of her Yoni aka vagina.
Be You Beauty Yoni Steams
Benefits Include: ☥ Detoxify root chakra and womb ☥ Improve fertility ☥ Decrease menstrual flow ☥ Release emotions and stored trauma that hold us back in life ☥ Regulate absent or irregular menstrual flow ☥ Speed up healing and tones the reproductive organs after childbirth ☥ Treats uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterus weakness, and endometriosis ☥ Treats chronic vagina and yeast infections also help in maintaining a healthy odor
☥ Balances your pH levels ☥ Tap into the root energy that gives rise to our visions and creativity
As women, we store so much pain, so much trauma and energy in our wombs. Some energies that were passed down from birth, energies from sexual partners, rape, molestation, pregnancies, abortions, etc. All the pinned up pain and trauma of not dealt with creates stale emotion and negative in our wombs that show up as fibroids, cysts, irregular periods, cramps, endometriosis, infertility, etc. I speak to so many women on the daily that suffer from one or more of these issues. I myself suffer as well and as I heal myself I can contribute to help to heal you as well. We are taught to detox everything else, why not detox the most sacred part of your body? ✨Check it out below!

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